Bulk Mailer Pro Cracked

Fast Mail Sender is a windows based software developed to send unlimited emails to multiple recipients at a time. This Bulk Email Sender software is capable of sending bulk emails to a large number of recipients across the globe. It is only one bulk email software available in market that is capable to Drops email to INBOX not to spam folder. It works very fast and can save lots of time of the users. Users can use personalized email through they can send particular emails to selected recipients. This keeps the privacy of the email. It is user friendly, very easy to operate and can be simply handled.

This Bulk Email Sender tool has options of Backup & restore through which user can send the email again in future. The software can be really useful for organizations that have to send emails to their employees and organisations that want to spread information about products and services worldwide. This Bulk Email Software is also flexible to run in all versions of windows. Fast mail Sender is undoubtedly the best windows based application in the province of Email Senders.

Bulk Email Sender is software primarily developed to send emails in bulk in a remarkable speed. This software is capable of sending unlimited emails to a single person, a group, a community or a large of recipients. It is an advanced software which has the capability to send emails to the people as per the user’s choice.

This fast mail sender is a user friendly software designed to perform in all versions of windows. The user can operate it in windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 2007, 2003 and latest edition of windows. The software can be very useful to the corporations who have a large number of employees and do communicate regularly through emails.

Key Feature
Send Bulk emails to large number of email ids.
Allows the user to import email ids from text or excel files.
Send personalized emails with unique matter to number of ids.
Send group emails to particular group of people.
Log file to check history.
Tool is very useful for online marketing.
It is also useful for business communication.
Sends bulk email at lightning speed.

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